Thursday, July 23, 2009

Brigham's 2nd & 3rd week

You'll see in these photos how much William loves to hold his little brother. He will get up by me on the couch and say "hold, hold!" In these pictures he was holding Brigham and saw his water at the end of the bed and needed a drink so he "drops" Brigham and rushes to get his water and then was back again to "hold, hold"! He is so funny! I am glad he was only inches above the pillow. Brigham has an adorable dimple on his left cheek, which you can see in some of these photos.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Brigham's First Week!

Brigham had a very warm welcome home by his loving brothers and sister! My mom was able to come help for a week and a half! She came the night before we were to be induced and stayed until the following Saturday and said she would stay longer if we needed her to but we were doing quite well! She served and served and never ceased serving! It was so nice to have her here. The children thought it was great and Wil and I were extra grateful since he had to press forward with school and wasn't able to give me his usual wonderful help after bringing home a baby. While she was here we made homemade corn tortillas, which was fun. Brigham had jaundice pretty bad and we had to have a billi-blanket for a few days. We had to take him to the hospital every day to get his billiruben count checked and they had to poke his heel every time. It was sad, his poor tiny heels! I was VERY grateful that the hospital is less than a block from our house. That made the multiple trips not so daunting. We tried getting him into the sunlight as much as possible before we were prescribed the billi-blanket because we could tell he was looking jaundice. There is a picture in here that looks like William has a very jealous face but I think he was either frustrated at Hyrum or something because he has been so gentle and loving to Brigham ever since he came home! But it makes for a funny picture! That is just another sample of the faces that boy pulls!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our Hyrum (catching up #6)

Hyrum finished first grade at the end of May and has lost four teeth and loves having another little sibling in our home and family! He has such a tender heart. Several times since Brigham has been born I will find him tearing up or wiping tears away and will ask him what is wrong and he will say something like, "Brigham is just so cute." Or he will come to me and tell me how glad he is we have little Brigham (As he wipes his eyes and smiles). He still loves drawing and pretending, always pretending! We just love him so much! Oh and he and Eliza enjoy sharing their testimonies in Sacrament meeting. They do a beautiful job all by themselves and we enjoy seeing them think about it and take there time while they are up there. We feel so blessed to be the parents of our four children!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Eliza (Catching up #5)

OH we just love this "Girlees" (another nick-name)!!! Eliza is our girl all the way! She loves nails and hair and clothes and she knows what she wants in all these areas and doesn't like to budge in her fashion views! :)She is getting so big. She knows how to do her own hair into a pony tail and she enjoys being independent. She chooses all of her outfits and does pretty well too! On my birthday she did the dishes for me. She is very sweet and helpful! We are so glad she is in our family! She also enjoyed preschool this summer and there is a picture in here with her and her teacher on her first day.

Our William (Catching up #4)

These are a few more pictures of William and a glimpse of his easy-going, fun and full personality! WE love him so much!

William loves animals and thus this books is one of his favorites. William has so much personality (like the others) and pulls some very funny faces. Here are just a few and i hope to get more of them posted in the future! Also take a look at his teeth. On the bottom one of his teeth either split while under in the gum or there are two teeth in one space. Can you see it?

Monday, July 6, 2009

"Reading Charles" (Catching up #3)

The title of this post is a movie quote. Who can tell me what movie it is from? :) One of Hyrum's nicknames is Charles. Why, you might ask???? I would have to ask Wil and make sure I remember it correctly since Wil is the head nick-namer around here, before I post the answer to that question. Anyway Hyrum will sometimes read books to Eliza. I believe Eliza chose Snow White this time. These were taken back in April.

Fun in the park (catching up #2)

Back on April 6th it was a warmer day here (you can still see some snow in the shadowy parts). So on the way home from running some errands we stopped at the park and got some energy out! The kids had fun racing and enjoying an unbirthday gift given to Hyrum on Eliza's birthday from some dear friends of ours.

Bowling Fun (Catching up #1)

We finally went bowling as a family back in early May. It was very fun! The children did better than Wil and I, they are pros! (the bumpers might have helped them a little :)) We all really enjoyed spending this fun bowling experience with each other!