Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our First Half of 2010

Well here is a major catch-up post but oh well. This takes you from January through June. Hyrum's 3rd place was for his Valentines box he made (an Up house). Eliza's 5th Birthday Princess Party and cake. My best friends Em and Em were able to come and visit, great times! Eliza made me a chain on my birthday (one chain on my day:)) and volunteered to help make my cake. My wonderful upstairs neighbor (then, they have since moved :( Luckily we've been blessed again with our new neighbors!) had my kids help her make a piniata for Cinco De Mayo and Eliza broke it open! Hyrum's Princess and the frog hat for Professer Faciliare (sp?) For Mother's Day my mom and brother and his wife, Karen came to visit us! Good times! Thanks you three. Brigham turned one year, and Wil's parents sent him a teddy bear with balloons and it was a hit! More of Hyrum's Drawings, he has got a talent! I made homemade noodles, it was fun! New Chore Chart. Hyrum and Eliza got into Safety Patrol kids and made badges and all and when we walked to a store down main street one summer morning they kept us safe! :) We took a day trip up to West yellowstone and had a picnic in the forest and went to a train museum and also got to go into an old train car! It was so much fun! And that is the first half of our year in a nutshell, oh and I should have had a picture of Wil studying and doing homework which is what occupied so much of his time! He worked so hard and it paid off! Great job Babe, your grades show it! :) I am such a blessed daughter of God!