Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mother's Day 2011




I am so grateful to be a mother-espescially to these wonderful people! I love them so much! And I love that Wil desires and provides the way that I can stay home with them and be their mother in every sense of the word! Thank you, Babe! I love my family!
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Father's Day 2011



I am so grateful to have such a father as Wil is! He is very dedicated to leading our family in rightousness, and is so much fun! Many of you have not seen his funny-ness! He cracks us up. Many dinner hours have been filled with laughter because of Daddy. WE love you Daddy!
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Monday, July 18, 2011


Lucy Graham joined our family on June 23, and we are so happy to have her in our arms! She was (and still is) very small, she only weighed 6lb 4oz (our smallest by far!) was 18 in. long with a 13 1/4 cm head circumference. The delivery went great! (I was induced, for scheduling sake- Wil was still on track/school) On her way out though she scratched her face pretty good with three of her fingernails. It was sad and it got a lot of attention by her siblings. "Poor Lucy!" They all adore her and want to help and hold her, often -they are a big help! It was fun for me when they came to the hospital after she was born to see her for the first time. They were all so interested in all of her! They also brought her and me gifts, every time they came to the hospital. They were homemade gifts, or something found in the house-I just love it! My mom came to help us and stayed for about ten days! We are so grateful she did! She was a big help and did a lot of fun park outings with the kids, and they were very sad to see her go! We love you Nana, and thank you SOOOO much! Lucy is so very sweet, and easy going, and handles the craziness of this house quite well! WE LOVE LUCY! (These pictures range from four days before she was born (me on Father's day) to Lucy being about three weeks old.)