Tuesday, January 22, 2008

William's Arrival : 08-09-07

Here is a picture of me in some of the last days before his arrival.

And here they all are, our three WONDERFUL children! We are so happy to be their parents!

William's arrival went very well and everything has been peachy ever since! He is a wonderful little boy who is laid back, patient and happy! (to see weight, length and all that scroll down to bottom of blog and see earlier post)

Here is big sister who adjusted very well to it all and is his little mommy...or tries to be, at times anyway. She really treats him well and means well always! When they came to visit me that night in the hospital, for the fist time, she didn't want me to stay in bed. She didn't like that I was in the bed. It took some coaxing to get her up into the bed and when it was time for them to go she kept telling me to get out of bed and "come on!" Poor girlies didn't understand! Oh she is soooooo sweet!
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Here is the happy big brother, Hyrum. He is such a great helper and William just adores him. William will watch Hyrum if he is ever around and smile or laugh away at him. Hyrum is always willing to watch William if I need him to and on many occasions have watched over him with out being asked to and the only reason why I know this is because he will give me a random, unexpected report of how Little Wil is doing!

Here are the boys of our family! Daddy was such a support to me and our little family. We are so grateful to have him as the head of our family!

Hyrum's first days of School : August 16, 2007

Here he is so excited and ready to start his new adventure! He is so CUTE!

This is our first family picture with William out of my belly. He was only a week old when school started! To say the least it was some busy, exciting, and emotional few weeks...for all of us! This picture is taken on Hyrum's first day and is on our back deck.

Hyrum's backpack he loves getting to wear!

This picture was taken on the third day of school when he rode the bus for the first time! He absolutely loves riding the bus and he has a great bus driver, who is always excited to see him. He is wearing a tag that tells everyone what bus he is suppose to ride and who his teacher is. They had all the kindergartners wear them and they suggested doing so for the first week. Well mommy and daddy needed the comfort of having him wear it for more like 2 + weeks and because of the honkin' size of the original signs mommy ended up making her own smaller signs...in hopes of bring less attention to her security blanket! :) Plus it was getting in the way of his backpack straps!
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Pumpkin Carving : 2007

Here we are carving pumpkins and having fun doing so! We had the children draw a face on their pumpkins and then, to the best of our ability, we carved them out! Little Wil even had a pumpkin of his own! What fun times and memories!
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Grahams winter 2007

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