Monday, June 23, 2008

Excited For School to Begin

From the heading of this post you are probably thinking I am talking about Hyrum, well guess again! Yup, I am talking about Wil! We have decided to have Wil go back to college and on last Wednesday we found out that he has been accepted and admitted to BYU-I!!!! Yes, we are so excited! We definitely won't be the traditional student with three kids and all, but we are looking forward to the adventure! Wil will most likely study Information Systems but he has yet to talk to a counselor to know if that is really what he is wanting but from the sounds of it that is his thing! He loves coming up with ways to organize companies through modern technologies and he is talented in programming and all of that so we will see what happens there! We will be moving mid-end of summer. (Even though Wil probably won't start college classes until January, we wanted to move in time for Hyrum to start the first grade at his new school!) So there you have our latest exciting news! I will keep you posted on the details! :)