Saturday, December 27, 2008


We actually got to take a sneak peak early to see if we were indeed having a boy or if we would be surprised and be having a girl (the perks of having Wil work for our OB's office) but we found out our feeling on it was right and boy number 3 is on his way! We are very excited! We were only 15 weeks along (it was before Thanksgiving) and weren't sure if we would be able to know for sure or not because he was so small but we were! I have my big ultra-sound scheduled soon so we will have more photos and video soon which we look forward to!

Our Trip To Twin Falls

We traveled to Twin Falls earlier this month to attend and enjoy my brother Andrew's sealing in the Twin Falls Temple. It was wonderful and a little crazy because of the fast pace of everything (that is just the way it is when you are trying to get everybody ready in time :) ) We enjoyed getting to be with family, and it was of course fun to get to stay in a hotel! :)


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Better late than never...right??? Not feeling well because of "morning sickness" has added to my blogging delay and than my camera issue and well being a mother of three also plays a part! :) So I am sorry and here we go! :) P.S. Hyrum was Walle, Eliza was Little Miss Muffet and William was a pumpkin. It was very warm Halloween night, which is unusual for here, but it made it very nice for our short trick or treating! It was a fun night!
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