Saturday, January 17, 2009

School Has Started!


Wil is now in his first semester and loving it! He is definitely busy and has a LOT on his plate, being a student, employee, father, and husband, but he just feels overwhelmed with gratitude to be able to attend college! Dinner time has become so cherished by us because that is our time together to visit and get to enjoy our little family together! The homework load is heavier than I thought it would be but all will work out just the way it needs to - as long as we do our part!
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Marble Racing

We don't play with this as much as we should but while William was napping the other day I let the children play with it. They did great!


We found out not long ago that William likes to eat tacos, just like everyone else! It is so cute I just love it! William is at a fun stage in life where there are so many new things to try! (Hence so many posts of William, so many new things to show off!)

Friday, January 16, 2009


William loves Little Einstiens and he even pat-pats and blast-offs just like the movie tells him to!

William loves to brush his teeth!

(His sad faces are becauase he can't get down from the stool with out help!)

"Playing" At The Park

So the other day Eliza asked permission to go and play at the park. Because there had been no new snow for a while and because we don't get out of the house much I thought that I could ablige her and that we could go for a few minutes before we picked Hyrum up from school. Well my little vision of letting the kids swing and slide at the park was very different from reality! When we got there, (we were the only ones there for reasons we soon discovered) we first found they hadn't shoveled any paths that lead to the play ground equipment. So I was carrying William and holding on to Eliza's hand and trying not to fall while trecking through the old 8-10 inch deep snow (I did not have my snow boots on)! When we finally made it to the swings I unloaded William into a bucket seat first then went to assist Eliza. Well Eliza's snow boots were too big and bulcky for a bucket seat swing and by this time William was not happy and was wanting out! So I decided we would go back to the slide area and I would let Eliza slide down once and then we would go back to the van for warmth and also to pick-up Hyrum and the others (it was my week for carpooling) because I knew it must be getting close to that time. Well sure enough by the time I got us all back to the van we were past pick-up time and as I started the van I got the call informing me that the children were waiting for me and wondering where I was! So too bad it wasn't more fun but I guess I should put more reality into my visions before making final decisions.

William was cold and thus not happy to be at the park! I don't blame him!


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