Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snow Festival!

The kids and I went to the snow festival here a few Saturdays ago and had a lot of fun in the snow! Or at least on top of it! :) Daddy wasn't able to come and we missed having him. Hyrum and Eliza did great though and really enjoyed getting out! It was at the city park near our home and so instead of driving there and then pulling the stroller out I decided it would be easier just to walk there. It was a bit tricky tracking through the snow with the stroller but Hyrum would help me when we got stuck. William wasn't so sure about the trip at the beginning seeing as all he did was sit in the stroller and freeze but he perked up and didn't want to leave once we got to the sleigh ride part where there were several horses to look at and watch move and make noises! We didn't go on a ride although the children would have enjoyed it but I wasn't sure what I would have done with all of our stuff (stroller, etc.) if we went on it. Also the line was a little long at the time. We did end up watching them go by, while we sipped our hot chocolate. William didn't want to go when it was time to leave because he wanted to keep watching the horses go by! Hyrum and Eliza loved the sledding and snow bowling. Eliza did go sledding but I had to help her (she went down on my lap) and so there are no pictures of that! I think it was very successful seeing that no one had to go potty while we were there and that the children behaved and obeyed me very well! P.S. William has one purple mitten on and one blue one on. We were in a hurry to get there right when it started to avoid too many people and long lines (which worked by the way) and so there was no time to worry about fashion for the toddler! :)

New Year's Day

Better late than never here are some photos of us enjoying breakfast at a cafe. The only lidded cups they have are styrofoam coffee cups and so no we are not giving our children coffee here! :) We had fun! Happy new years...late! :)
Hyrum enjoyed hot chocolate!


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