Monday, September 22, 2008

William's first hair cut!

This along with all of my postings is, of course, late. I cut William's hair shortly after his first birthday! He has already had a second hair cut. I personally love how he looks with his hair cut! I will post some more recent pictures of him hopefully in the near future! (After my sick children are better! Hyrum was sick and home from school last week from Monday through Thursday and now Eliza is taking a turn. Hopefully it will stop with her!)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hyrum's first day of School!


Hyrum was excited yet nervious on his first day of school. He was nervious because of the fact that he didn't know any one because we just moved to a different city. He has done so well though. We live too close to the school to be bussed which is just fine. We have enjoyed walking there. Some of the pictures in this collage were taken after school and on the way home. We are so happy that he loves to learn. He is a very smart boy and we are so pleased with him! Congratulations Hyrum! We love you!
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William's First Birthday!

William turned one year on August 9th. We had just moved the week before and so things were very crazy and sadly enough he didn't get the fun traditional decorations. Also the frosting I made for the cake turned out too runny and I couldn't fix it because I ran out of powdered sugar and so I had to work with what I had. So the cake was quite shabby looking but the kids thought it was great so I guess that is all that matters. We actually ended up having our one serving and then we through away the whole rest of the cake! You can see in the pictures that William just went at the cake with his little fingers. He didn't like the feel of it on his fingers. We weren't prepared for him to do this and so unfortunately it wasn't captured on video or camera but the aftermath pictures are fun to have.

William is such a joy to have and he is such a happy, easy going baby, full of personality and faces! We love him!!! He always wants to be doing what brother and sister are doing. He also enjoys playing with toys on the floor and he entertains himself quite well. We feel very blessed!

Fourth of July in Durango, Colorado with the Grahams

This was a wonderful vacation full of family, fun and fireworks!! Thanks Mimi and Grampy!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hyrum turns 6 years old!!


On July 12th, Hyrum turned 6 years old and requested a Walle party and so we partied!! We can't believe he is six years old! We love him so much. We feel blessed to have him in our family. He has so much personality, we love it! We love you, Hyrum!
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Beloved Sister

On July 8th, my beloved sister, Christina Farnsworth Mourant, was unexpectedly called, and obediently returned, home to our Heavenly Father. She was physically separated from her choice husband and two children, Rod, Maggie(5), and Andy(turned three 4 days after her passing). I say physically separated because her spirit is very much with them and will be until they are all reunited. She died in her home. They are assuming it had to be something to do with her heart since everything else looked just fine and her heart looked different. A witness of God's love and hand in the whole thing for me is that her husband was at home with her, even though he had gotten ready to go into work he just hadn't for no reason. And also that her children happened to go over to play at their neighbor's house and thus didn't witness her passing and the attempts to revive her. We miss her terribly but we have been miraculously blessed with comfort, peace and reassurance. I know that the Lord needed her and all her talents she individually holds as a whole, for service on the other side. She is a choice daughter of God and I feel so blessed to have her as my sister for eternity! I am grateful for the precious memories I have of her and the two of us growing up and getting married and becoming mothers to select spirit children of God together! Her desire and dream was to be a wife and mother, sealed in the temple of God and she fulfilled her dream and excelled in it! My heart aches for her and my arms look forward to embracing her again. I love you immensely, Chree!

Release the grudge and embrace the one it was against, for you don't know when your time will come, when you will have to wait a season to be able to embrace again!