Wednesday, October 15, 2008

William's Latest News

Well there you have it Graham baby number 4 is on his way, and Due May 20th. Yes I say "his" because we think it will be a boy but we have been wrong before so time will tell! We are very excited. This picture was taken by my mom (Thank you Mom!). She and my Dad were able to visit us briefly and it was perfect timing. I used this opportunity to tell them in person rather than over the phone and this is the way we told them. I had Hyrum make a sign to put on William's back that said big brother. (Notice Hyrum's mispelling,"Big Borther" i love it! It just adds more character to all of this!) We can't believe our fourth child is on his way! We feel very blessed! I have not been as sick with this pregnancy. My nausea comes and goes rather than being constant. I do have trouble thinking of what to eat, and I have been extremely tired this time around but that seems to be improving a bit. So all is well and we hope it is the same with the rest of you out there!