Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Our Teddy Bear

Here is our "teddy bear", which I love to hold! William is 6 months here. (taken January, 15th)

And here he is with his wonderful sidekicks!

I took this picture after I came inside from waiting, with little Wil, for Hyrum's school bus to arrive. Eliza was napping but woke up shortly after we came in and so I had to take these pictures of the kids. I just love this little bear coat, and the little one wearing it! Can you tell William is teething??? He likes to chew on his lip and his tongue and anything else he can get in his mouth!
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Marble Racing!

Here we are enjoying our Marble Racing Game the kid's got for Christmas. It was a blast...for all of us! We enjoyed the racing as well as the setting it up! Oh the possibilities! These pictures were taken back in January. Even though Wiliam is not featured in any of these photo's he was there and awake watching from his carseat that was set on the table, as close to the action he could get with out actually participating! Oh What fun times!

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