Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our January 2010

Happy New Year! We finally purchased a sled, or two actually, so we could have some fun for most of the year since it seems that winter lasts most of the year here! :) So luckily our neighbors have a little hill that the kids and I sled down right on to our driveway from. All while Brigham slept in his crib, it was great! We loved it! Eliza is my big helper and here are some pictures to prove it! I love her so much and am so glad to have her as my girl! You might notice the paradise falls homemade poster in the background, well that is Hyrum's and it has been every thing UP lately around here and I love his excitement over it! Also this month was Snowfest here in our town they have a festival to celebrate and participate in snow activities and so the kids and I went to it. It was fun, full of another sleigh ride and snow bowling and treasure hunting in the snow, and some sledding of course! But it had to come to an end and well William wasn't too happy about that. We also had some good friends over and they brought a fun meal for the kids. It was octopi on the reef! They know how much Hyrum LOVES octopi and thought of him when they saw this idea in a magazine. Thank you guys!


Rebecca McNair said...

What cute pictures!! Love the hotdog idea! So cute!

Monica said...

YEAH! Updates, I've been looking for something. Thanks!

AudBall said...

Hey! Cute pics. can't believe you've been married 8 years!